Sons of Confederate Veterans

Pennsylvania Division

Confederate Graves Registry Project


In preparation for the Sesquicentennial of the War Between the States, the Sons of Confederate Veterans established a nationwide Confederate Graves Registry Project to find and document the graves of Confederate veterans, Prisoners of War who died in captivity, and our soldiers, sailors, and marines who died in battle.


In June 2006, Pennsylvania Division Commander Jim Palmisano appointed a Division Graves Registrar to aggregate information from camp archives and other sources, concerning Pennsylvania’s Confederate graves, into a database registry.


As of June 2009, we have confirmed the location of 295 Confederate graves.  Our compatriots photograph grave markers, to monitor their condition, and “mark” each graves’ GPS position, to help descendants and historians locate these graves.


In an effort to assist descendants’ research, we have established a “virtual cemetery” on  Photographs of many of the Division’s Confederate graves, discovered not only by our own compatriots, but other graves researchers as well, can be found at the following link:



Inquiries concerning Pennsylvania’s Confederate graves can be directed to our Graves Registrar at



Fate Denied them victory but gave them immortality